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Here is a master list of all advocacy and care manager speakers listed on this site. Link to each one to find their topic suggestions and contact information.

photo of speaker and attendees

• Julie Walsh (New York, NY)
• Annette Ticoras, MD (Columbus, OH)
• Bonnie Sheeren (Houston, TX)
• Beth Morgan (Wilton, CT)
• Adria Goldman Gross (Monroe, NY)
• Lorie Gardner (Chatham, NJ)
• Martine Brousse (Los Angeles, CA)
• Nichole Davis (Cleveland, OH)

• Steven Corn (Los Angeles, CA)
• Linda R. Beck (San Luis Obispo, CA)
• Grace Cordovano (West Caldwell, NJ)
• Jeanne V. Friedman (New York, NY)
• Teri Dreher (Libertyville, IL)
• Lisa Berry Blackstock (Agoura Hills, CA)
Susan Nolan (Oaklyn, New Jersey)  

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