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Grace Cordovano

Enlightening Results

West Caldwell, NJ


Grace Cordovano

Sample Topics:
  • Understanding the Voice of the Patient & Carepartner
  • Improving the Patient Experience
  • Bringing Empathy to the Center: Designing Patient Education that Resonates

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As a board certified patient advocate, Dr. Grace Cordovano understands the intricacies, barriers, and frustrations patients and carepartners face when navigating the healthcare system with a cancer diagnosis. She delivers an empowering message for the need to be an activated patient in light of a health crisis.

Dr. Cordovano is a firm believer in the continuous advancement and improvement of cancer patient experiences through the infusion of empathic design and thinking into current healthcare paradigms. She is a catalyst for including patient and caregiver stories throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.

As a patient voice activator, Dr. Cordovano is a confidant, engaging, and memorable speaker, known for delivering her talks with eloquence and a passion for moving her audience. Don’t plan another event, engagement, or panel without the patient and care partner’s voice. Hire Dr. Cordovano to share her expertise and deliver a talk with enlightening results.

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