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These patient advocates and care managers are well versed in the healthcare system and its challenges – care, cost, patients, providers, insurance, options, the good, the bad and the ugly – and the challenge of improving care and outcomes.
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Julie Walsh

Julie Walsh
Patient GPS

Bonnie Sheeran

Bonnie Sheeren
Houston Health Advocacy

Lorie Gardner

Lorie Gardner
Healthlink Advocates

Lisa Berry Blackstock

Lisa Berry Blackstock
Soul Sherpa

Susan Nolan

Susan Nolan
Discovery Health Advocacy, LLC

Steven Corn

Steven Corn
Metis Advocacy

Linda Beck

Linda Beck
Square One Elder and Health Advocacy, LLC

Grace Cordovano

Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA
Enlightening Results

Annette Ticoras. MD

Annette Ticoras
Guided Patient Services

Adria Goldman Gross

Adria Goldman Gross
Medwise Insurance Advocacy

Teri Dreher

Teri Dreher
North Shore Patient Advocates

Jeanne V. Friedman

Jeanne V. Friedman
The Educated Patient, LLC

Beth Morgan

Beth Morgan
Medical Bill Detectives

Martine Brousse

Martine Brousse
Advimed Pro

Nichole Davis
Wayfinder Patient Advocates

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