Schueler Award BadgeWinners of the Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award have proven their excellence in their approach to their professions as health and patient advocates.

Judges for the Schueler Award are, in most cases, previous winners of the award themselves. They exemplify the important aspects of ethical advocacy outlined by Ken Schueler during his career.

Current and Past Schueler Compass Award Winners

Alexandra Schueler

 Alexandra Schueler,
Ken Schueler’s Daughter

Sima Kahn

Sima Kahn, MD,
Healthcare Advocacy Partners,
Washington State,
2011 Schueler Award Winner

Elizabeth Schuler

Elisabeth Schuler,
Patient Navigator,
Virginia / Washington DC,
2012 Schueler Award Winner

Karen Zorrilla

Karen Zorrilla, MD,
Houston, Texas,

Teri Dreher

Teri Dreher,
Chicago, Illinois,
2015 Schueler Award Winner

Karen Mercereau

Karen Mercereau
Tucson, Arizona
  2016 Schueler Award Winner

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