So Many Reasons to Join the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates!

members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

We’ve posted the membership possibilities elsewhere, but just for grins ‘n chuckles, we like to keep a running list of the reasons people tell us they joined the Alliance.

There are the usual, important reasons, like wanting to learn about becoming an advocate, or wanting to figure out if it’s worth quitting a job to take on a practice as an independent advocate…

But sometimes there are more specific reasons, and those are the ones we track here.

Here are some of them. Do they sound familiar?  If so – then you should join the Alliance too!

  • I need to get liability insurance for my advocacy practice and hear APHA members have access to insurers. (Yes, we do! And yes, you can join the Alliance and get that info.)
  • I want to know what to put on my advocacy website. (Yes, we have checklists and articles to help you.)
  • I need contracts for signing up new patient-clients.  (Yes, APHA Premium members have access to contracts.)
  • I want to stay up-to-date on patient advocate certification. (We provide updates frequently in our weekly newsletter.)
  • I want to connect with other advocates to ask questions and share information. (Oh yes. APHA’s discussion forum is the best forum out there for professional advocates and advocate wannabes, too.)
  • I need to promote my advocacy practice, and I’m told the AdvoConnection Directory is the most visited directory available. (As of mid-2018, we see almost 15,000 unique visitors to the directory each month.  That’s 15,000 people seeking an advocate.)
  • I am a geriatric care manager, or aging life care specialist, who wants to focus more of my work on the healthcare needs of seniors or the elderly. (Then this is it – you’ve found the right place for support.)
  • I want more press mentions, and I heard that APHA is contacted frequently by the press to find advocates who can speak to current topics. (This is true. We post 6-8 press requests per month for our Premium +ADL members. Many of them show up on this list.)
  • I have questions about starting my practice and want to speak to real human beings!  (APHA has advisors in a variety of capacities who can help with business needs.)
  • I like to do public speaking and want to join the APHA Speaker’s Bureau. (Great! You’ll be welcomed!)
  • I heard that if I join APHA I can get discounts on many of the professional advocacy books available.  (You sure can.)
  • I want to connect with others who have earned their BCPA credential. (They’re chatting with each other almost daily in our discussion forum.)

We also have a page that compares all APHA memberships side by side.

As more reasons come in, we’ll post there here.


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