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PACE = Patient Advocate Career Exploration

I am just getting started and want to explore my advocacy options — or — I’m still in the thinking stages, and need help to decide if I want to be an advocate. I need support for the many decisions I still need to make. I’m not quite ready for the more robust Premium Membership but might be ready soon.

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PACE Memberships

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I am already serving clients to improve their healthcare journeys, or I am helping them manage their bills and cost of their care — or — I am almost ready to open my practice, but need access to legal contracts, forms, and advocacy liability and/or business insurance. I want to be listed in the AdvoConnection Directory and realize this is my first step to being listed.

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Premium Memberships

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Premium +ADL Membership

(+ADL =  AdvoConnection Directory Listed)

I already meet the AdvoConnection Directory listing requirements, and am ready to be a directory listed member.
(+ADL members join first as Premium,
then upgrade to the directory.)

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Premium +ADL Memberships
and how your listing can be added to the directory.

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Do you live and work
outside the US and Canada?

Take a look at our PACE International Membership.

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Do you have more than one person performing advocacy services in your practice? 
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