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(Updated October 2021)

Since it was founded in 2009, the goal of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates has been to help advocates and care managers understand and achieve the necessary balance between advocacy knowledge and business acumen to drive their successful work with patients, and to improve patient outcomes.

APHA was founded back then by Trisha Torrey, through her company, DiagKNOWsis Media. As Trisha moves into (semi!) retirement, it’s time for APHA to find its future under new guidance.

Now APHA has prepared to embrace its future.
As of October 1, 2021, APHA became part of My Care Alliance.

MCA, and its CEO, Ginger Jones, are already well-known and respected by many APHA members.  During our video meeting held October 20, 2021, we introduced Ginger and her team to all APHA members.

You can view the video recording of our meeting below.

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Meet the My Care Alliance Team:


Ginger is President and CEO of My Care Alliance (more)



Ashley Jones is (title)



Keith Jones is (title)


Frequently Asked Questions (Answers!)

Trisha Torrey started APHA more than 12 years ago, and it’s time for her to step back from responsibility for the continued development and expansion of APHA as a business. New ideas, new people, and new initiatives are important to the health and growth of any business. MCA is ready to take up the mantle!

The overarching reason is HEALTH – both the health of the Alliance, and Trisha’s health, too. She turned 70 in August. Knowing her landmark birthday was approaching, she began last winter to pursue opportunities for the next generation of guidance to carry APHA into its future.

MCA expressed interest in acquiring APHA early on, and the final decision was made mid-summer, bringing us to this announcement.

MCA took ownership of APHA on October 1, 2021. The transition is taking place right now; this announcement is a part of it.  We expect the transition to be complete by the end of Q1, 2022.

For the foreseeable future, you’ll see very few changes. There will be no changes in the name or branding of APHA. There will be no changes in your ability to reach out for help, although Ginger or Ashley might be the people who answer you.  The Connect! Discussion Forum will remain the same. You’ll continue to receive the Agenda each week. You’ll have the same access to resources you have now. The Academy will be offered again early in 2022 as it would have been without the transition.

Yes. We are working on what that will involve and to what extent. As time goes on, we’ll let you know what Trisha’s continued involvement will be.

Trisha wants you to know she’ll remain involved in advocacy and will never completely retire! 

MCA / APHA will be taking over all (but one) of the APHA email addresses and outreach responsibilities.

If you have questions about your APHA membership or resources, or about this transition, as has always been true, you may reach out to us at:

If you have questions specifically for Trisha (not related to APHA or membership resources), you will continue to find her at:    Alternatively she can be found at: 

As more questions of general interest come in we will add them to this page and/or post them to the discussion forum.

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