Attention APHA Premium and +ADL Members!**

APHA and My Junna have teamed up to help you simplify and grow your practice!

You’re already familiar with APHA

… the premier membership organization for independent advocates and care managers, known for the AdvoConnection Directory, its business support and its abundance of resources for care managers and advocates just like you.

Now we would like to introduce you to:
My Junna (Software to Simplify Your Day!)

… the premium practice management application you use for managing your business, bringing care to the next level. My Junna frees up your time and keeps you organized by simplifying the administrative tasks required to maintain your successful practice, so you can spend more with your clients.

My Junna adds automation to important but repetitve processes, creating efficiencies that lead to profits. It is cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, and improves your efficiency giving you the ability to manage clients, track tasks and billable time, monitor progress, manage your calendar and more.

Developed by an APHA member and long-time care manager / advocate herself, Shanna Huber began development of My Junna when she couldn’t find a good solution for her own practice management. Today she devotes full time to upgrading and expanding My Junna – for our benefit!

Learn more about My Junna. Schedule a demo today!

Now you can benefit from both for one low price
– only $1129/year –
for your practice’s primary member/user.
That’s a savings of up to $267 in your first year!*

How does it work?

As an existing APHA Premium / Premium +ADL member, you will apply for a combination membership.

We will do the math to figure out how much to credit you for already-paid dues. (See FAQs below* for how we do the math.)

  • You will continue to be a Premium (or Premium +ADL – directory listed) member of APHA.
  • You will have complete access to your My Junna subscription – directly from your APHA Dashboard (convenient!)
  • You will be billed for the combination by your APHA renewal date.

First Year total = variable* (see FAQs below for further explanation)
Annual Renewal = $1,129

Yes! I’m ready to get started combining APHA and My Junna
I’d like to find out what my
initial payment will be.

My Junna and APHA combined logos

Savings are calculated as follows: 

Without this combination:
My Junna
= $89/month.
plus a $199 set up fee in year one (only)
APHA Premium membership is $289 in year one, and renews at $259 per year.

Totals without this combination =
$1556 in year one
$1327 renewal per year.

Find more information
in the FAQs below.

With this partnership:

  • Both services are paid for a full year.
  • Your MyJunna Subscription will begin right away with your demo/intake/orientation.
  • You will be billed for the total combination upon your renewal date.

First Year total = variable*
(see FAQs below for further explanation)

Annual Renewal = $1,129


Since you are already an APHA member, for a short period of time, we will add one additional month to your subscription and membership in both organizations.

That’s an additional
$110+ in savings!

(This offer will end soon with no notice.)

Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers!)

My Junna designates the “primary user” as the person who contracts for the subscription. If additional people in your organization need access, they are considered to be additional users of your subscription, and are billed less per person. This My Junna +APHA program addresses use by your primary user only. My Junna will continue to bill for additional users monthly. If you would like more information about additional users, please contact My Junna.

You will be billed $75/month for your My Junna subscription for the time remaining on your APHA membership. You will also be billed a $100 My Junna set-up fee (that’s half the price of the usual set-up fee of $199.)

Here’s an example of how we figure it out (your situation will vary):

Say you still have four months remaining on your APHA membership… 

You will be billed $75/month (for your My Junna subscription) for those four months. Plus, Included in your bill will be the $100 My Junna set-up fee (which is half the usual set-up fee.)

First four months total = $300 + $100 = $400 total
Payment will cover use of both services for the next four months.

Then, on your annual renewal date, you will renew both at the same time for another year:

Annual renewal total for both services = $1,129

Yes, you most certainly may!  However, the pricing will be different because we’ll need to upgrade your membership to Premium.

Please contact APHA for the process and next steps.

We would hate for that to happen! But if you decide to keep My Junna, but not your APHA membership, then you will default to your regular monthly billing with My Junna at the non-discounted rate ($89/month for the primary user.)

We would hate for that to happen! But if you decide against using My Junna any longer, then you will be invoiced for your APHA membership renewal only at the non-discounted renewal rate.

As different organizations, we have different refund policies:

Should you decide you want a refund, we will work out the details for each based on our policies.

Additional Questions?

We’ve got answers…  and we look forward to hearing from you

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