Attention My Junna Subscribers!

APHA and My Junna have teamed up to
simplify and grow your practice!

You’re already familiar with My Junna

… as the premium practice management application you use for managing your business, bringing care to the next level. You know it frees up your time and keeps you organized by simplifying the administrative tasks required to maintain your successful practice, so you can spend more with your clients.

Now we would like to introduce you to:
APHA, The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

… the premier membership organization for independent advocates and care managers, known for its business support and its abundance of resources for care managers and advocates just like you.

From APHA’s AdvoConnection Directory visited by 12,000 to 15,000 care seekers each month, to its robust Connect! Discussion Forum, to it’s 1,500+ articles, podcasts, videos and other resources focused on helping you strengthen and grow your practice, APHA helps remove the mystery from those pesky business problems like marketing, insurance, and finding the best resources for your clients.

Learn more about APHA Membership, and see a master list of benefits (this is a Premium membership.)

Now you can benefit from both for one low price
– only $1129/year –
for your practice’s primary member/user.
That’s a savings of up to $228 per year!*

How does it work?

As an existing My Junna subscriber, you will apply for a combination membership for $1129. (There is no additional set-up fee since you are already using My Junna.)

  • Both services will be paid for a full year.
  • You will be a Premium (or Premium +ADL – directory listed) member of APHA.
  • Your APHA membership will begin on the date you make payment.
  • You will be billed for the combination one year later.

First Year total = $1,129
Annual Renewal = $1,129

My Junna and APHA combined logos

*Annual savings is calculated
as follows: 

My Junna = $89/month.
APHA Premium membership is $289 in year one, and renews at $259 per year.

Totals without this combination =
$1357 in year one
$1327 renewal per year.

Find more information in the FAQs below.

With this partnership:

  • Both services are paid for a full year.
  • Your APHA membership will begin on the date you make payment.
  • You will be billed for the combination one year later.
First Year total = $1,129
Annual Renewal = $1,129


Since you are already a My Junna subscriber, for a short period of time, we will add one additional month to your subscription and membership in both organizations.

That’s an additional
$110+ in savings!

(This offer will end soon with no notice.)

Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers!)

My Junna designates the “primary user” as the person who contracts for the subscription. If additional people in your organization need access, they are considered to be additional users of your subscription, and are billed less per person. This My Junna +APHA program addresses use by your primary user only. My Junna will continue to bill for additional users monthly. If you would like more information about additional users, please contact My Junna.

APHA offers three levels of membership, found here.

This combined offer will make you a Premium member as you apply. As soon as you are ready (maybe minutes later!), and have access to your Premium dashboard, you may upgrade to Premium+ADL (permission to add yourself to the AdvoConnection Directory) as long as you meet the criteria to be listed.

No. This offer is already deeply discounted and may not be combined with any other offers.

We would hate for that to happen! But if you decide to keep My Junna, but not your APHA membership, then you will default to your regular monthly billing with My Junna at the non-discounted rate ($89/month for the primary user.)

We would hate for that to happen! But if you decide against using My Junna any longer, then you will be invoiced for your APHA membership renewal only at the non-discounted renewal rate.

As different organizations, we have different refund policies:

Should you decide you want a refund, we will work out the details for each based on our policies.

Additional Questions?

We’ve got answers…  and we look forward to hearing from you

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