Directory Only Listings (DO)

members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates


A Directory Only Listing (DO) in the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is the right choice for you if:

  1. You have been a professional advocate for three years or more.
  2. You meet the criteria for being listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.
  3. You wish to be listed in the AdvoConnection Directory, but…
  4. You do not care to take advantage of the other membership benefits offered by APHA.


A Directory Only membership isn’t really a membership in the Alliance. It is simply a directory listing.

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Please note:  Listings for Premium Members in the AdvoConnection Directory are more extensive, presenting more information than those for DO listings.  You can compare the listings here.

Further, DO listings are listed after Premium listings in patient and caregiver searches.  Learn more about priority of listings in our FAQs. See under Directory Listing FAQs, How can I end up at the top of the results list when a patient searches for an advocate?

Once accepted for a DO listing membership, you will be asked to commit for two years ($135).

If we don’t believe you are ready for a DO listing (because you do not meet the criteria for directory listing, including the three years of experience), then we will offer you a Premium Membership.

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